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11205019_1088591214500899_4237280819825269085_nLisa Helder (1991), Amsterdam

Creating scenes is a familiar way of working for Lisa, because her work is, in a certain way, a continuation of the fantasy world she inhabited as a child.
In her photographs and videos she wants to get under the skin of her subject in an effort to really get to know this person. During this process she is well aware of the fact that this is basically impossible – but it is that impossibility that offers her the particular area of tension in which her work is created. The static aesthetics of her images express this distance.


“We all have the desire within ourselves to get to know the other person
– but it is that impossibility that fascinates me the most” (Lisa Helder)

Sep/Nov 2016 – Exhibition – Gallery Lecq Rotterdam (solo exhibition)
Jul 2016 – Publication – Who Knows Magazine
Jul 2016 – Exhibition – The Photograduates at North Sea Jazz Festival
Feb 2016 – Exhibition – The Photograduates at WTC Art Gallery Rotterdam
2016 – Gallery – The Photograduates
2011-2015 – Education – Willem de Kooning Academie Fine Arts (Bachelor of Fine Art)
Jul 2015 – Nomination – Drempelprijs Autonomous Practices
Aug 2015 – Film viewing – ‘Wat Niemand Zei’ (Film Theater De Uitkijk Amsterdam)
Jun 2015 – Film Premiere – ‘Wat Niemand Zei’ (LAB111)
Feb 2015 – Exhibition – AMU Gallery Prague (group exhibition)
Nov 2014 – Selected – Kunst Podium T
Winter 2014 – Publication – C-Magazine ‘Talent in beeld’
2014 – I­nternship – Desiree Dolron
Jan 2013 – Exhibition – Roodkapje Rotterdam (group exhibition)